LiqNet Bounty

BLOG Bounty

Activities to earn stakes:

Anyone can participate - just create a 600+ words long text about LIQNET and publish it on your website or blog. Then report activity on, under “Custom” Tab, Blog Post section. The better your text is - the more stakes you will receive.

After submitting a post in your blog share it on your facebook and Twitter account.

Blog Post creators receive 1 to 100 stakes depending on the quality of their posts and the number of followers/readers they have. The LIQNET team makes the decision on the quality of the post and reader numbers, and this decision is final and not negotiable.

Blog contest bounty tokens will be distributed proportionally among the participants according to the amount of received stakes

Our preference for writing Blogs is using Medium or Steemit


1. You must post your Blog Post on your Facebook page with #LIQNET hashtag

2. All blog posts must be published online and accessible by everyone

3. Your post must be or…